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How Not to Hate Mondays

It’s Sunday night and you’re winding down from the weekend. Already, you’re getting a pit in your stomach just thinking about the following morning when a blaring alarm wakes you from dreamland and you have to trudge off to a job that makes you curse under your breath.

If this sounds familiar than it’s time for a radical change. Life is too short to go through it hating your job. Mondays should be a time for growth, learning and even excitement. The first step is to evaluate your career: Is it what you’re doing that’s killing your desire? If so, then you need to come up with a plan to move into the field that’s calling your name. 

You May Need To Fire Your Boss

If you enjoy what you do then it could be where you work. A nasty boss or co-worker can ruin even the most exciting careers. This can be tricky to deal with and sometimes the only option is to leave and find a less toxic environment—whether it’s switching departments or finding a company that is more friendly to its employees.

Before applying to a new company, I recommend reading reviews on and where current and past employees rant and rave about their employers. The last thing you want to do is to leave one toxic job only to land into another.

There are ways to deal with a toxic boss or colleague, such as focusing on the job instead of the problem person and documenting the interactions to take to HR, but my philosophy is to get toxic people out of your life altogether–which means finding a new job. Just like life is too short to dread Mondays , it’s also too short to be around people who make you feel stressed, anxious or sad.

Sometimes it’s the salary that’s disheartening. If you need more money, read my article on becoming an expert to earn a higher income. Also, when is the last time you got a raise? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to Google the average salary for the type of job you have for the city or town you live in. If you’re underpaid, you’ll need to have “the talk” with your boss and maybe even show him or her the stats. But you still may need to find a job somewhere else where they’re willing to pay you what you’re worth.

Fine-Tune Your Attitude

Sometimes it’s the attitude that needs fine-tuning. Sometimes we need a reminder of how lucky we are that we get to work. Even though it’s a bit clichéd, it’s easy to take our lives for granted. There are people too old or too sick to go to work. There are people out there who would love to have your job. So instead of thinking that you have to go to work, think how you get to go to work today.

If your job bores you, think about how you can mix things up: How can you approach your job from a new angle? Can you cross-train or move to a different department? Can you take on a new project? Can you do something in a different way, even if it’s just how your organize your desk or communicate with your co-workers?

Your New Boss Could Be You

But my favorite solution to all of the above problems is to become self-employed. Starting your own business in a field you love is the best way to love Mondays. (For more on how to do this, check out the article How to Launch Your Dream Business.) Nothing is more exciting then watching something you started from scratch grow into something meaningful. When you’re in charge of something that interests you and can make you a lot of money, you will feel energized come Monday morning instead of depleted.

I know of a guy who worked for a large IT company. He liked what he was doing for his job but the hours were long and his boss was a tyrant. He quit the job and started his own PC repair business. He recently told me, “I started to dread Mondays. That’s when I knew I had to quit. Now I work the hours I want. I often end up working some over the weekend but I don’t mind. I really like what I do so it doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday, Monday or whatever. Every day is good now.”

You can also choose, at least somewhat,when you get work done. I often work a few hours during the weekends because I prefer to work in short bouts stretched out over all seven days instead of cramming it into long blocks of time and over the course of just five days. In return, I get to take frequent breaks and sleep in. (I can’t imagine getting up early for work five days a week. The few times I’ve done it in my life, I hated it!) My schedule is a compromise between what works for me and what works for customers and contractors. In other words, I get a say in when I work. When you work for someone else, they dictate entirely when you work.

Your Mondays Could Still Rock

If you’re still not ready to take the leap to business owner, then there are still ways to jazz it up as an employee. You could also suggest a “Monday Mixer” like free pizza at lunch or a group exercise class. If your boss won’t okay something fun for the office then book something for yourself. Have a standing appointment like a massage, date night with your partner or happy hour with friends.

If nothing else, try to save errands, paying bills and other items from your to-do list for another day and take some time on Monday to relax. I take the time to work out on Mondays and try to save mundane tasks for another day. This helps me ease into the week and improves my overall mood.

From Monday Blues to Monday Bliss

Whether you end up switching careers or not, you deserve to enjoy every day, not just Saturdays and Sundays. Life is too short to hate a particular day of the week.

Imagine feeling excited Sunday nights because you get to do something you love the next day–or you even work during weekends because you’re that passionate about it. Personally, I love working on this blog so much that I do it nearly every day. That’s how I know that this is what I’m meant to be doing. I want you to feel that same excitement and passion about your work. You deserve nothing less.

What is at the core of your hatred of Mondays? How can you make it better? Pinpoint the problem and come up with a plan on how you can change it. Then take action and before you know it, your Monday blues will turn into Monday bliss:)

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